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This April Edition of SAMPADA is a special one as its theme is SPORTS. At UVCE our students don't just rest their time studying huge engineering books but give a adrenaline-rushing performance at various sports too. This edition is dedicated to all those sportspersons who have brought laurels to not only our college but to the entire nation in various sports. The month of April saw UVCEians as busy bees with an array of Activities happening. From its National Tech Fest IMPETUS 15.0 to the accelerating Sports Fest ESPORTIVO and much more. Team VisionUVCE in hand with the students are gearing up for few initiatives for the betterment of college. Details of which shall be posted soon. More the support, more the no. of hands joining, much glorious is the result. If any you are willing to contribute individually or as a group in any way for the initiatives being undertaken by students and Team VisionUVCE for the betterment of college, please feel free to contact us.

We are grateful to all the Alumni and students contributing to Sampada every month. Hope to see more participation. If you interested to write any articles for Sampada or share your experiencs at UVCE , please write to us at sampada@visionuvce.in

Hope this effort of ours interests you! Have a good read!

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Here is a poem to start with -

"Winds of March, we welcome you,
There is work for you to do,
Work and play and blow all day,
Blow the dry leaves away"

We hope that you will welcome the 63rd edition of SAMPADA in the same way. Its very special and close to heart for us, since we received overwhelming response to the theme - "Women Engineers". We have tried to cover different perspectives as much as possible. This issue is dedicated to all the women whom we know and their dedication as well as enthusiasm. You will need to go through the issue to know about the thoughts of alumni and teachers on the topic.

One Special mention is about "VU SAMMILANA" - a get together of alumni is being organized by VisionUVCE Team on April 25th @ UVCE, K R Circle. We welcome everyone for the event. Details will be sent soon.

Enjoy reading this edition and let us know your thoughts.

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Here we are with the new issue of SAMPADA which is special. Why so? Because its "Hostel Theme"this time. For many of us, Hostel Life forms an integral part of their early years of education and also one that leaves behind memories, experiences that can never be forgotten.The views of the students and alumni that you shall read inside this edition are definitely going to leave awed.

There are other announcements too like - Project Vishisht and events coming up in near future in the college are in detail within the edition. Let us know your thoughts and comments. Share your memories about the college days with the other alumni.

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Here we are with fresh issues of SAMPADA for 2015... We are glad about the new beginning - Volume Number 6. Its a new start as well as a challenge for all of us !!

As we speak about "New", new semester has started in college, and that brings new expectations. This edition has covered a lot about it.

We will hope for continued support from your end to take forward the SAMPADA journey. Write back to us with your thoughts and suggestions.

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