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June 2014 - SAMPADA 54

Here we are with fresh edition of SAMPADA... We always want to keep you updated on whats happening on UVCE campus and also with lots of good news.. Of course, we request you to read about them inside this edition of SAMPADA.

We have also announced a "Contest" the details of which are in the Cover Page. Hopefully we will see many participants for it :)

We urge you to share your thoughts, memories, experiences, suggestions with us which will lead us in the right path going forward

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May 2014 - SAMPADA 53

The 53rd edition of Sampada covers another important milestone from VisionUVCE – VU Sammilana – Get Together for Good, an alumni-faculty-student troika interacting with each other regarding the current state of college, some of the initiatives we wanted to announce etc. We had a tipid response for the event although we see it gaining larger momentum in the long-term.

Apart from that, this edition of Sampada covers more things about UVCE like the recently held MILAGRO within the campus, IEEE Execom selection announcement, the farewell celebrations for the final year students and student & alumni articles.

Feel free to reach out to us for any queries - samapda@visionuvce.in/ samvaada@visionuvce.in

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April 2014

Here are with SAMPADA-52 with a bit delay. But, as the saying goes -"Better Late Than Never", we always try to deliver the promise of bringing UVCE updates to your mailbox via SAMPADA.You can read the details about the happenings in the attached 52nd edition. Meanwhile, there is one more update from VisionUVCE Team which is more important - "About VisionUVCE SAMMILANA"

VU SAMMILANA - An initiative from VisionUVCE Team to build a platform for both alumni and Faculty+students to interact and share thoughts.
This is the first time we are organizing such an event across all batches and making sure that UVCE Alumni have a chance to voice their opinion :) We look forward for your support

We have created - Facebook Event. To RSVP, please click as "Going" in the event.. Also, feel free to invite your friends

We invite all the alumni, faculty and students to this event. Take part in seeding the change and being part it too.

Feel free to reach out to us for any queries - samapda@visionuvce.in/ samvaada@visionuvce.in

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VisionUVCE Finance Details

Below is the Finance Details of VisionUVCE since 2009 till date. The amount collected(both before the Trust formation and later), spent as well as the details of the donors can be found here

We have tried to keep the entire initiative as transparent and inclusive as possible


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