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As part of the 6th year completion of VisionUVCE, we are feeling proud and happy, announcing few initiatives as below:

"VisionUVCE Scholarships" for the fifth consecutive year, UVCE mentor-ship initiative to guide students, support SAE UVCE for GoKart Design Challenge , Providing E-Cell some momentum, Purchasing new books to VINIMAYA Team, Fixing couple of minor things within college, Lab upgradation

For all the above activities and other initiatives, we need your support- both financially and other means.See details inside

To know what has been achieved in the past 6 years from VisionUVCE Team, check this timeline VU Timeline

VisionUVCE - 6 years !!!

VisionUVCE is celebrating its 6th year Anniversary this August... A brief timeline and milestones during the journey (Along with few links) have been provided here. It has been possible only because of the support of faculty, students and alumni of UVCE and we are thankful to them !!

Feel free to write back to us about your thoughts and feedback about this.

Social Media and UVCE

Alumni and Students launch #hashtag discussion for the #roadahead for 98 year old Institution #UVCE. Follow @visionuvce and @uvcealumni for updates. There will be one more #online discussion shortly.Stay tuned!

Until then, please go through this article about #UVCE in Social Media in past few days, which appeared in SAMPADA-67 issue


Happy Independence Day to everyone !!!

Sampada 67 is in here with some delay this time. Apologies.

UVCE has been the topic of every talk for the past few days. A myriad of events have taken place through the month of July to discuss the issue of the shifting of mechanical department to JB in depth. This edition of Sampada brings to you every detail of what has happened, what our students and alumni have to say and various other facts.

Also a new academic year has begun at UVCE with fresh a batch of enthusiastic students stepping into college. UVCE also has been buzzing with anxiousness and excitement with the placements of final years taking place. Next edition will be covering in detail about the freshers and placements of final years!

VisionUVCE is glad to announce that scholarships will be provided for students this year as well. Here’s a request to the Alumni who wish to contribute for the scholarships to help the needy students. More details of this can be found inside this issue!

Happy Reading!

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March ahead with UVCE

UVCE’s current quandary has made its way through students and alumni discussions. An alumni meeting was held on 1st August 2015 in order to discuss the pros and cons of the present proposal of BU over shifting of few departments. Over 30-40 alumnus attended the meeting. A row of discussions took place following which they met the Principal, Dr. Venugopal K R to find more facts and converse about the situation. There was an open discussion about both pros and cons of shifting Mechanical Department to Jnanabharathi Campus, along with legal and technical issues. Following that, a social media interaction took place on 2nd August 2015 at 2000 hrs IST.

To all those who have entered the discussion late – this article will provide a timeline-wise update

Road ahead for UVCE??!

Please find the article appeared in the "New Indian Express" that the future of UVCE is undecided as the trifurcation of Bangalore University has been approved recently. More details inside

We intend to call a meeting of all the alumni shortly to gather the holistic opinion and seek guidance on how to move forward. Details will be announced shortly


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